OxGen medical oxygen generators work as following:

  • OxGen uses two columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production
  • Compressed air, opportunely filtered and dried, is blown through a valve to the vessel where the pressure is built to reach 7 to 10 bar(g). Nitrogen is tied to a molecular sieve during the building of pressure, and the oxygen is allowed to pass through to the receiver (accumulation tank)
  • While pressure is build in one vessel, the second remains without pressure
  • A part of the produced gas is used for regeneration of the molecular sieve
  • The molecular sieve is fully regenerative with long lasting life span






OxGen end-to-end PSA based source of oxygen 93% for medicinal use can be subdivided into:

  • Compressed air system (Air compressor, Refrigeration dryer, Activated carbon tower, Air receiver)
  • PSA oxygen concentrator unit
  • Oxygen 93% receiver


Generating System with PSA based concentrator (ISO 7396-1, ISO 10083)


OxGen may supply end-to-end PSA based oxygen generator supply systems in many different configurations.

Typical layout in accordance to relevant international standards is indicated in the following table:

Primary source of supply Secondary source of supply Reserve source of supply 4th source of supply (optional)
PSA cylinders supply unit cylinders supply unit cylinders supply unit
PSA PSA cylinders supply unit cylinders supply unit


Further configurations are available upon request


Example of a typical onsite gas generating system with oxygen generator as primary source of supply and cylinders as secondary, reserve and fourth sources of supply.

This system has 3 sources of gas: primary source oxygen PSA generating line, secondary and reserve sources are an automatic changeover supply unit cylinders decompression. Fourth source (optional) is an additional emergency reserve supply unit cylinders decompression.



Apart from the above example, OxGen can also engineer further system configurations (e.g. with two lines PSA as primary and secondary sources of supply and cylinders as reserve source or other customized requested configurations).