OxGen is committed to providing assistance in the choice and management of all elements and additional services for the generation of oxygen for medicinal usage, including consulting, in accordance with relevant International standards, on system design [with inclusion of extension and modifications of existing oxygen pipeline systems in hospital and clinic settings] and systems components, safety, materials, general requirements, installation and maintenance as well after sales support, with inclusion of spare parts.

OxGen support and assistance encompasses systems general requirements topics, with inclusion of capacity and storage, continuity of supply, maintenance, location, monitoring and alarm systems, testing, commissioning and certification.

OxGen offer one-stop-shop customer experience to satisfy at 360° every specific need of its worldwide customer base, from the design and engineering phase, for specific tenders, aligning with the continuous updating of the specific standards in force, to the production and manufacturing phases, including post sales assistance and installation, while ensuring the most advanced safety requirements in each of these phases.