Transportable Containerized Solution

The need for oxygen for medicinal usage is everywhere – even in the most re­mote places.

OxGen has specialized in designing transportable containerized generator units that ensure a safe and independent source of oxygen for medicinal usage, when and where is needed.

The OxGen Transportable Container Solutions have been improved and devel­oped throughout the years.

Most of OxGen generator systems can be installed in a container as Plug & Play, ready-to-use units.


Skid- Solutions (Plug & Play)

This type of plant assembly offers many advantages over conventional stand-alone systems.

The equipment is mounted on a steel plate, assembled and pre-piped, pre- wired and tested during manufacturing. Skid-mounted design reduces the installation, assembly and start-up time at the site; thus saving time and cost of labor, supervision, and coordination at client’s premise.

All engineering, fabrication, controls, project management, start-up and commissioning work is carried out under OxGen management.




Easy to install on site


Compactly in one place, saving space


Low overall investment costs


Reduced impact on the installation site


Reliable prefabrication under workshop conditions


Reduction of chances of errors similar installation at site is not subject to similar quality control


Plug and play system on demand


Reducing time and labor for installation at site


Easy to integrate in a pre-existing pipeline




Custom Engineered PSA Systems

OxGen custom engineers the designs for its customers/applications where its standard generation systems do not fit. OxGen is a leading designer and supplier of turn-key custom engineered oxygen generating systems for medicinal usage. Each custom built system is designed to meet exact specifications/requirements.


Customize Your System with OxGen

The provided information/specifications will form the basis for the design of a customized system. OxGen sales, design and manufacturing team will work with its customer to thoroughly understand its operations and focus on finding the right oxygen generation plant. OxGen engineers design and build custom on-site oxygen generating systems to meet any specific needs and applications, considering overall convenience, secure supply and cost reductions. OxGen can supply a system to suit and meet any need based on customer specified flow, purity, pressure and local conditions. OxGen engineering department designs and assembles fully pre-fabricated skid mounted or containerized or systems mounted on castor wheels or stand-alone or frame built oxygen generating systems including solutions for operating in dusty and other extreme environments.

High pressure oxygen cylinder filling station

Oxygen cylinder filling station

OxGen has made several oxygen cylinder filling stations after special requirements. OxGen is able to supply oxygen filling stations on request.

All models include oxygen monitor.

The containerized units have electrical equipment such as light, ventilation, emergency stop at high temp.

Electrical connection to central point. The steel frame units are pre-connected, with electrical connections locally made. OxGen offers on-site installation and customer training worldwide on these plants.


Control Units

The whole process of production is managed by a PLC driven by a touch screen control panel.

The end-to-end operating software monitors the full production line, including secondary and reserve sources (cylinders) and transducers monitoring oxygen quality throughout process in accordance with relevant international standards.

The control unit is very easy to use and it allows monitoring a wide range of signals and alarms connected to the status of the system.

Higher flexibility and easy integration with other systems – all included in the basic version that comes with the generator.



OxGen Display Control panel

  • Easy menu for settings
  • Integrated service system
  • Automatic restart after a power supply failure
  • 5,5” touch color screen-wide screen format
  • Easy to use advanced control system
  • Possibility to a continuous monitoring of status of columns and valves on the display
  • Monitoring of parameters and status of the process
  • Quick overview through screen with all relevant information displayed
  • Easily updated via USB or SD card
  • Multilanguage user interface
  • Multiple settings storage for varying operating conditions
  • Full logging of all measured values with selectable graph for playback
  • Alarms and operative conditions programmable and adjustable directly on the control panel
  • All functions are protected by passwords
  • Remote view and control via Ethernet available (option)
  • Remote operation and control via SMS available (option)
  • Remote access (add-on)