(Customer centered philosophy)

OxGen provides extensive personalization support, with a comprehensive list of options allowing tailor-made designing of specific oxygen generator systems for medicinal usage adjusted to any individual need.


Example of PSA oxygen generator, with a nominal flow rate of 19,6 Nm3/h of oxygen 93, manufactured by OxGen

Product main features:


Standard Components

Feed Air Filters

Adsorber Vessels CE certified in accordante with 97/23/EC (PED), cleaned according to ISO 15001

Process Valves with Bronze Bodies

Process Piping within Skid Boundary or customizable according to specs

Exhaust Silencer

Air and Oxygen Pressure Regulation

Local Instrumentation

Tubing in medical copper pipe & fittings in brass according to EN 13348

Control System with Siemens PLC

Pressure Transducer for ECO MODE operating functionality

Optional Components

Process Valves with Stainless Steel Bodies

Instrument Air Tubing & Fittings in Stainless Steel

Oxygen Analyzer with Zirconium Oxide Sensor

Oxygen Analyzer with paramagnetic sensor

Oxygen Dew point sensor

Electronic Oxygen Flow Meter

Feed Air/Oxygen Pressure Transducer

Feed Air/Oxygen Temperature Transducer

Product Flow Totalizer


Ethernet Data Communication Port

Oxygen High Pressure Booster

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Rack

Medical Upgrade with CO/CO2 Analyzer

Zirconium sensor oxygen analyzer

GSM modem for touch Screen

Internal battery pack (or external UPS)

Remote repetition external interfaces (Profinet interface, Profibus module, MODBUS TCP/IP PROTOCOL)