How does the PSA technology process for medical oxygen production work?

PSA = Pressure Swing Absorption, where Nitrogen molecules are absorbed under pressure.

OxGen uses two columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production.

Dry compressed air feed one column of the generator where the pressure is built. Nitrogen is tied to a molecular sieve during the building of pressure, and the oxygen is allowed to pass through to the oxygen receiver tank.

While pressure is built in one vessel, the second remains standby without pressure.

A part of the produced medical oxygen is used for regeneration of the molecular sieve in the standby column.

What are the main benefits of OxGen medical oxygen generators systems comparing to other sources of medical oxygen?

The PSA process is an extremely clean operation and the only ‘raw material’ is air

Only produce the medical oxygen when and where is needed – it supplies the exact quantity and quality needed

No risk of discontinuity in the delivery of medical services and support due to running out of medical oxygen

Quick pay-back / 1-2 years

No more on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges etc.)

Energy efficient. Only electricity is needed to run OxGen generators

No safety risks of handling of high pressure cylinders

In comparison with cylinders OxGen systems gives overall cost reduction up to 80%.

Safe delivery; controlled flow and uninterrupted medical oxygen

Is it necessary to change the molecular sieve of PSA of medical oxygen generators?

Zeolite is inside the columns of the generator. The molecular sieve is fully regenerative and it has an average life span up to 15 years operation in the OxGen Generators.

What does a complete PSA oxygen system consists?

OxGen typical system is composed of PSA generator with a control unit and oxygen monitor. The
complete operating system also requires air package consisting of feed air compressor, an air
dryer, filters, air-receiving tank and product tank.

Why do I need an air dryer?

An air dryer assures that air is supplied at the proper dew point for the ultimate generator performance. The air dryer has to be selected for the highest ambient temperature at the installation site in order to avoid that feed air with too high water content is getting to the molecular sieve. If air dryer stops working or fails then the molecular sieve gets contaminated and PSA oxygen generator will be damaged.

What is the power supply requirement for our PSA systems?

Our generators require about 0.5 kW at 110 or 220 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz, 1 Phase.

What is the maintenance cost of an OxGen PSA system?

OxGen systems offer high reliability through fewer moving parts with high quality components and negligible maintenance. Only the air filtration cartridges in PSA need to be replaced based on a maintenance schedule. The major maintenance is for air compressor.

Do you have a reference list?

Yes. Many OxGen generator systems are currently in operation around the world. Please contact us for reference list.

Does OxGen offer customer service after sales?

Yes. At OxGen, we know that selling a product or service isn’t the end of the process and we believe that customer loyalty is necessary to retain business. That is why we provide great customer service for both before and after sales. Trainings are held regularly for distributors and agents to strengthen relationships, enhance overall product knowledge, and teach new product/technological developments.

Do you offer installation & commissioning and start up service?

Yes, OxGen service engineers can reach any place on the earth for commissioning and installation of our systems. OxGen has a network spread all over the world to ensure world-wide service and our local partners in almost all countries are trained to provide service locally.

Can OxGen PSA generators produce uninterrupted medical oxygen 24x7x365?

OxGen Generator will produce the required medical oxygen 24x7x365 days for years when called for. High reliability through fewer moving parts and high quality components. Customers will get controlled flow and uninterrupted gas.

What is the purpose of the medical oxygen receiver tank?

The medical oxygen receiver tank allows the gas to be delivered to the hospital at a consistent flow rate and a consistent pressure.

Can I fill the cylinders with OxGen medical oxygen generator systems?

All OxGen systems can be expanded with cylinder filling option. A medical oxygen generator
combined with cylinder backup gives the highest level of safety.

How OxGen assures quality of its products?

Quality assurance is an integral part of operations manufacturing OxGen products; it is our priority to always deliver high quality products and services. Operations manufacturing OxGen products hold all relevant approvals for serving numerous applications. Please contact us for our certificate pack.

Can OxGen built custom designs based on special requirements?

OxGen engineers any type of designs when it comes to PSA technology. OxGen systems are heavy duty construction and design for rough conditions using high quality & durable components. OxGen is expert in container installed systems.

Are OxGen systems fully Automatic?

Yes, our systems are fully automated, with inclusion of re-start; unattended Operation; remote control and monitoring; production begins when demand downstream is sensed. The system will go into standby mode when oxygen is not required.

What is the lifespan of Molecular sieves used in OxGen PSA systems?

Molecular sieve is fully regenerative and its life span can go up to fifteen years, under proper operational conditions and maintenance. The supplied air quality is most important for the performance of molecular sieve. If you keep the quality of air recommended by us then there should be any problem for the molecular sieve performance.

Do OxGen systems need special site preparation for installation?

OxGen systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. If you place the unit outdoors, it has to be covered by a shed. Rain protection is a must! If you place it inside, you need proper air circulation for compressor cooling and air intake and exhaust for both, compressor and PSA generator must have a duct to outside. There is no special floor requirement and can be placed on shop floor.

Can I use oil free compressor or regular compressor for OxGen PSA systems?

First of all oil free compressors are extremely expensive compared to oil lubricated ones and not at all required for OxGen PSA systems as long as the feed air quality recommended by OxGen is maintained.

How much energy is consumed to run OxGen generator?

The power consumption for OxGen generator is very negligible (0.1 kW which is required to for control unit). Majority of power is consumed by air compressor.

Can OxGen generators be installed in containers/skid/frames etc?

Yes, our systems can be installed in a container, on skid and frames.

What is the standard pressure produced by OxGen PSA systems?

The outlet pressure from OxGen oxygen generator is up to 8 bar, more than adequate to satisfy all medical pipeline requirements systems.

Does OxGen PSA systems face problem of evaporation lost like liquid oxygen?

No, with OxGen PSA systems you will produce medical oxygen when it is required and no need to store cylinders like LOX cylinders where up to 5 % of tank volume gas is evaporated.

What are the main benefits of PSA medical oxygen systems compared to liquid oxygen/cylinders?

OxGen strongly believes that its systems are and can help saving money on medical oxygen costs and allowing producing medical oxygen on-site. Simple and cost effective from a supply of compressed air, it helps to avoid rental charges, transportation expenses, labor costs, and evaporation losses of bulk systems.

What is the influence of the environment conditions at the place of installation?

The local conditions at the place of installation are very important on the performance of a PSA medical oxygen generator

Temperature: has a significant impact on compressor and dryer performance. The ambient condition of inlet air to the air compressor affects the net weight of the final delivered compressed air to the system. Increases in ambient air temperature reduce the efficiency of air compressors and air dryers. Proper ventilation and ducting of the “compressor room” is required to maintain inlet air temperatures within design specifications.

Elevation: The altitude at which a compressor is installed must always be given consideration. As altitude above sea level increases, the weight of the earth’s atmosphere is less and compressor will need more power to pump same amount of gas since positive suction pressure has dropped because of altitude. If you are high in altitude, then you need to oversize the compressor.

Humidity: Humidity affect is not as dramatic as going up in altitude and temperature. However, extremes need to be looked at.

Why OxGen uses activated carbon tower when other competitors do not use?

Medical oxygen is considered as drug and it is sensitive to quality. Keeping this in mind OxGen add the activated carbon tower in its systems for hospital use which provide an extra filtration and even removes any odor or any other contamination.

Is air conditioning or heating is required in the installation?

At extreme conditions we recommend air conditioning (above 40 °C) and heating (below 5°C)

Where OxGen PSA medical oxygen generators can be used?

OxGen PSA medical oxygen generators can be used in any clinic and hospital where medical oxygen is required. Contact OxGen to learn how you can benefit from our medical oxygen PSA systems.

What is the maintenance cost/service cost for OxGen PSA medical oxygen generators?

OxGen PSA medical oxygen generators require negligible or little maintenance. The major maintenance is required by air package and this can be serviced locally anywhere. Filter cartridges need to be replaced based on maintenance schedule. Please ask for recommended spare parts list with quotation or please contact OxGen for more details.

Are PSA medical oxygen generators are environment friendly and safe to use?

The on-site PSA medical oxygen generator systems are eco-friendly as one can save a lot on transportation of purchase gas cylinders and unnecessary green-house gas emissions. With on-site PSA oxygen generator systems you can make your own medical oxygen anytime whenever there is a need, this no need to store large quantities of high pressure cylinders and hazardous gas and moreover handling of high pressure cylinders is eliminated.

Who would benefit from using PSA medical oxygen generators?

OxGen PSA medical oxygen generators suit oxygen users those who have a fairly steady usage of medical oxygen. Our systems provide a steady output of medical oxygen at a given flow and pressure. PSA systems will provide the medical oxygen where and when you need and are on standby mode when the medical oxygen is not required. Exactly based on customers’ requirements. In some cases, it is desirable to save a surplus supply of oxygen for use in times of very high demand. You can generate your own medical oxygen when and where you need and they can save significantly over purchased medical oxygen.

What do I need to send when I need service and spare parts for my generator?

If you face any problems with OxGen systems please contact us or send us an email with details with serial number and some photos which could help us understand your problem and give you a solution.